The Enormous Changes In Gun Prices In 2013

Many gun owners have probably noticed a steep rise in the prices of new firearms. This has come as a huge disappointment to hunters and citizens who want to protect their homesand property. Here are three reasons why gun prices have risen drastically in 2013.

Mass shootings: With mass shootings, citizens have become afraidof madmen. Individuals want to protect their families from deranged lunatics. With this, gun stores have seen a massive spike in demand for their products.

Government: With a liberal president and a liberal Congress, many expect

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Finding The Right Trigger Lock For Your Sporting Weapon

When you have a collection of sporting weapons and want to maintain a high level of safety and security, a trigger lock is an essential piece of equipment. However, there are a variety of trigger locks available and you will need to know which one best suits your needs.

When you are shopping for a trigger lock, the first thing you will have to consider is the size of the lock in comparison to the size of the trigger on your sporting weapon. In order to be an effective lock, the trigger lock must fit securely over the trigger

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How To Clean And Oil A Rifle Properly

Proper care and maintenance ensures that a firearm performs as designed. Before you begin cleaning and oiling a rifle, ensure that it is unloaded and that the safety is engaged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to field strip the rifle. The main groups to be cleaned are the barrel, the receiver and the stock.

Use a bore brush to breakup any deposits that have accumulated inside the barrel. Next, use a cleaning rod to swab the barrel with a lint-free cloth soaked in solvent. Repeat the process with clean patches

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The Changing Role Of Firearms In American History

Private gun ownership in this country predates the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution. People have and continue to consider owning guns to be an essential freedom that cannot be revoked by the government. Gun ownership in this country has evolved slightly from this country’s inception. Regardless, many people own guns to protect themselves and their families.

In this country’s earliest days, colonialists owned and used guns to protect themselves from British troops and native tribes. A family without a gun in those days was essentially a sitting target for thieves and murderers.

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What Kind Of Rifle Is Best For Distance Shooting

Choosing a rifle for distance shooting often comes down to asking yourself two questions. These answers combined with personal brand preference, budget and feel will usually narrow the field considerably.

How long of a distance will shots be taken from?

Distance shooting means different things to different people. If your distance shots will be at 400 yards or less, barrel length, twist ratio and caliber of any combination larger than .22lr will be sufficient. For longer distances in

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Responsibility And The Responsible Gun Owner In Today’s World

Responsibility And The Responsible Gun Owner In Today’s World

Responsibility Starts With The Individual
There is no excuse for irresponsibility for any gun owner. Gun ownership should not be taken lightly. In fact,, owning guns can be a dangerous and potentially hazardous priority. This is why owning a gun comes with a heavy responsibility.

The Core Responsibilities of Gun Ownership
Every gun owner should review the safety precaution measures for owning a weapon. In addition, you should store your gun in a safe place that is out of harm’s way. Further, owning a gun means extra liability. No child should even gain access to a gun’s admission. In other words, it is the duty of the gun owner to securely place their guns out of the reach of children or adolescents. A safe or locked space is recommended for all guns. In addition, ammunition should be sealed as well.

Prevention Methods For Owning A Gun
The most important responsibility for a gun owner is preventing a tragedy from occurring. That means taking extra measures to provide a safe, non-threatening and harm-free environment in each home. In addition, educating your children on the pros and cons of gun ownership and use is essential too.

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